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The Easiest Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

What are the easiest ways to clean your makeup brushes? Your makeup brushes probably mean everything to you as they play a significant role in helping you to craft your fabulousness every day before the mirror. However, aside from creating your look, these brushes can also destroy your skin if you are not careful.

Image Source: Shutterstock/Inga Ivanova

Clean brushes are a must-have for healthy skin. Over time your makeup brushes can grow fungus or bacteria without proper care. As a result, you may unknowingly transfer these bacteria to your face, triggering nasty skin rashes or breakouts.

What’s a girl to do to keep her skin looking flawless and her brushes free of bacteria? You can physically wash the brushes yourself by using soap and water, but this process may not be the most effective use of time, and you may not always do a thorough job of cleaning your brushes.

There are dozens of makeup brush cleaning machines in the marketplace to choose from that can help to not only clean your brushes but extend their life span. We are here to present you with the top three systems that are stirring up a bit of conversation.

Lilumia Makeup Cleaning System

The Lilumia Makeup Cleaning System can clean up to six makeup brushes at a given time using their soap products. This machine operates using three cycles -wash, rinse and second rinse. It completes the entire cleaning process in a matter of 15 minutes which can prove extremely useful for those of us who don’t have a whole lot of time on our hands.

This machine averages $125-$150 depending on where you purchase this product. The Lilumia Makeup Brush Cleanser costs average $20-$25. You don’t have to replace this soap very often so, do not stress too much about having to make too many purchases.

stylPro Brush Cleaner

The stylPro Brush Cleaner is a more affordable option for gals looking to clean their brushes without having to break the bank. It comes with a stylPro handle which assists in the drying process.
Additionally, it requires the use of the stylPro makeup brush cleanser. It also has six size spinner options to choose from to cleanse the brush. Once ready, you can dunk your brush into the glass bowl container with the solution and spin the brushes for 20 seconds, ridding it of the makeup buildup and debris. After 20 seconds, you can rotate the brush over the solution, allowing it to air dry.

This system costs approximately $35 but wins high marks for speed and ease of use.

Larmhoi Makeup Brush Cleaner

Another affordable option for cleaning your makeup brushes is the Larmhoi Makeup Brush Cleaner. The average cost of this machine is $25-$30. It washes and dries your makeup brush in just a matter of 30 seconds. The device functions in the same manner as the stylPro Brush Cleaner but has a total of eight different size holder bases. This machine is durable and portable and uses its own unique Larmhoi Electric Brush Cleanser.