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The Best Vanity Mirrors for Flawless Foundation

There are a variety of daylight makeup mirrors in the marketplace that provide lighting that mimics natural sunlight. How many times have you applied makeup using your mirror only to go outside and find it looks nothing at all like you might have thought or hoped it would. Choosing the right mirror with the best assets for lighting can mean giving you a look that stuns or an appearance that falls flat underneath the light of day.

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Simple Bathroom Organization Ideas: How to Keep It All in Order

Is your bathroom small and running out of space? –Or, do you have the opposite problem? –Too much space, but poor organization? Whatever your dilemma, now is the time to do a bit of spring cleaning to find your zen of organized living.

There are a few things you can do to improve the overall look and feel of the space and make it functional by deploying a few simple strategies.