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The Best Vanity Mirrors for Flawless Foundation

There are a variety of daylight makeup mirrors in the marketplace that provide lighting that mimics natural sunlight. How many times have you applied makeup using your mirror only to go outside and find it looks nothing at all like you might have thought or hoped it would. Choosing the right mirror with the best assets for lighting can mean giving you a look that stuns or an appearance that falls flat underneath the light of day.

Here are three daylight makeup mirrors you must try.

BeautyWorks Vanity Mirror
The BeautyWorks Vanity Mirror provides soft, natural and bright daylight powered by premium LED lighting. This mirror is battery powered, but you do have the option of using a USB cord to power the device. The mirror has a 180° swivel and a tray to hold your goodies as apply makeup. The touch sensor allows you to change your lighting settings to dim or brighten the lighting.
The average cost is $30.00

The Fabuday LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
The Fabuday LED Lighted Makeup Mirror offers you 24 White LED lights to help you apply your foundation in a way that will create flawless beauty. Much like the BeautyWorks Vanity Mirror features a USB cable or AA batteries. The light on the mirror can be adjusted with a simple touch of the smart sensor to change the lighting from bright to dim.
The average cost of this mirror is $20.00.

The AirExpect Tri-Fold LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
The AirExpect Tri-Fold LED Lighted Makeup Mirror features 72 LED Lights and allow for natural and soft but bright lighting to help support the makeup look you are striving for whether you are preparing for a night on the town, going into the office or planning to spend the day outdoors. The mirror offers three color lighting modes (white, yellow, white and yellow) and smart touch action. It has 90° rotation capacity and a trifold design that allows you to open and close it. The three panels allow for magnification so that you can clearly see your face at various angles for makeup application.
The average cost of this mirror is $35.00.

There are multiple affordable options for you to choose from to help you achieve the flawless foundation look you most desire no matter the lighting setting you might encounter. Take the time to shop wisely and select the mirror that best meets your needs!