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Simple Bathroom Organization Ideas: How to Keep It All in Order

Is your bathroom small and running out of space? –Or, do you have the opposite problem? –Too much space, but poor organization? Whatever your dilemma, now is the time to do a bit of spring cleaning to find your zen of organized living.

There are a few things you can do to improve the overall look and feel of the space and make it functional by deploying a few simple strategies.

Containers and Holders for Your Makeup Tools

Image Source: Ghost Vanity

Containers and holders can help you to use your space wisely with above the sink or below the sink. A fantastic way to organize your makeup brushes, lipsticks, foundation packs, and eyeliner pencils is to invest in a holder or tower. Ghost Vanity organizers, for example, can help you organize your products and compactly house your goodies without occupying too much space.

Baskets are another excellent resource for storing various items in your bathroom.

Tall Cabinet with Multiple Shelves for Storage
One suggestion for dealing with a small or cramped space that you should consider putting in the floor to ceiling shelving or single cabinet space with multiple shelves to house all of your goodies rather than having various bins, hampers or racks.
You can then identify specific spaces for your things. For example, designate an area in the cabinet or even a drawer where you can place those items that you use most frequently such as hair accessories or styling tools. You can house those items that you do not use as often on the top shelf.

Image Source: Ghost Vanity

Establish a List for What Goes Under the Sink
The space under the sink can become pretty crowded if we are not careful in designating what will live in this location. Ideally, you want to keep those things that are essential to the bathroom beneath the sink such as cleaning products, toilet paper, plungers, toilet bowl brushes, and other items you might use only in the bathroom.

Other Spaces
Who says you have to keep everything in the bathroom? You have the option of identifying a nearby area as an option to house your linens, supplies or anything else you might need to keep your bathroom free of clutter and easy to navigate.

Don’t forget to periodically check your products for expiration dates. Remember to house things in order of expiration so that you use it first or remember to get rid of it when it’s no longer good or safe for use.  These are just a few tips to help you declutter your life and get organized!